Satori Acupuncture of Knoxville

"Your body can stand almost anything; it's your mind that you have to convince."


When attending for your first acupuncture appointment, best wear loose comfortable clothing. It is also preferable to eat something light about an hour prior. Most first appointments will take an hour and a half, with following appointments lasting one hour. During first half of the appointment an interview will be conducted so we can determine the main reasons for your visit and discuss all areas relating to your current health and your health in the past.

The benefits of acupuncture will start immediately. So see our FAQ page for a more detailed summary of what to expect on your first and subsequent visits.

Here is our helpful Acupuncture FAQ page for more information. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Contact Information

Satori Acupuncture of Knoxville


10406 Jackson Oaks Way, Suite A
Knoxville, Tennessee 37922
Phone: 865-333-5811


No walk-ins  / by appointment only

Monday             Closed

Tuesday            9am-7pm

Wednesday       9am-7pm

Thursday           9am-7pm

Friday                9am-7pm       

Sat/Sun             Closed