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acupuncture rocksAlthough we live in a time where vast amounts of information are readily available at the tip of our fingers, most people still know surprisingly little about what exactly acupuncture is and what it can do for their overall health and general wellness. While it has been a tried and true medical practice for thousands of years in eastern medicine, for many patients in the western world it is still a fringe or “alternative” form of therapy.

The many people who have given the practice a fair try with an open mind, however, swear by the results as both highly effective and long lasting. Many of them also seek out this treatment for other health conditions that they may develop later on, too, because it can help with so many different issues. That might be surprising to hear, of course, because so little is actually known about this ancient form of medical care in the West, but it offers incredible mental and emotional health benefits.

What is Acupuncture and How Does it Help Me?

The practice is actually what many might expect. Tiny, thin needles are placed in strategic spots in the patient’s body to stimulate or de-stimulate various pressure points that have a direct impact on certain functions or activities of the body. While this treatment has long been associated with physical conditions such as smoking, obesity, arthritis, back pain, and headaches, as well as several other issues, it can also be used to help boost mental health.

The Connection Between Acupuncture and Mental Health

There are numerous ways that this type of therapy can benefit a person’s mental state and health, both directly and indirectly. You could, of course, opt for treatments that deal directly with a specific issue or condition such as depression or anxiety, but this doesn’t preclude acupuncture care. In fact, there are a few different ways that acupuncture can complement more targeted medical care.

Acupuncture helps mental health issues indirectly through sessions designed to address insomnia or sleep disorders, for example. Improving one’s sleep patterns and getting better rest on a regular basis can have an astounding effect on mental health and wellness. Other mental and emotional issues that can be dealt with through this medical practice are:

  • ·     Panic disorders
  • ·     Depression
  • ·     PTSD
  • ·     Grief

These, in addition to numerous other psychological issues, can be treated using this time tested method of therapy.

A Few Final Thoughts

No one should have to suffer from crippling or chronic mental health problems that leave them feeling helpless and alone. We live in a time when we are finally beginning to understand the depths and severity of many emotional issues, as well as how to properly and effectively treat them. The long-term stigmas that have been attached to multiple disorders are finally beginning to be erased and people are embracing a wider range of potential treatment options to live healthy and happy lives.

Consider giving acupuncture a chance as a complimentary treatment to more traditional care. You might be surprised at just how much it helps.

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