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How Acupuncture can Benefit Your Mental Health

acupuncture rocksAlthough we live in a time where vast amounts of information are readily available at the tip of our fingers, most people still know surprisingly little about what exactly acupuncture is and what it can do for their overall health and general wellness. While it has been a tried and true medical practice for thousands of years in eastern medicine, for many patients in the western world it is still a fringe or “alternative” form of therapy.

The many people who have given the practice a fair try with an open mind, however, swear by the results as both highly effective and long lasting. Many of them also seek out this treatment for other health conditions that they may develop later on, too, because it can help with so many different issues. That might be surprising to hear, of course, because so little is actually known about this ancient form of medical care in the West, but it offers incredible mental and emotional health benefits.

What is Acupuncture and How Does it Help Me?

The practice is actually what many might expect. Tiny, thin needles are placed in strategic spots in the patient’s body to stimulate or de-stimulate various pressure points that have a direct impact on certain functions or activities of the body. While this treatment has long been associated with physical conditions such as smoking, obesity, arthritis, back pain, and headaches, as well as several other issues, it can also be used to help boost mental health.

The Connection Between Acupuncture and Mental Health

There are numerous ways that this type of therapy can benefit a person’s mental state and health, both directly and indirectly. You could, of course, opt for treatments that deal directly with a specific issue or condition such as depression or anxiety, but this doesn’t preclude acupuncture care. In fact, there are a few different ways that acupuncture can complement more targeted medical care.

Acupuncture helps mental health issues indirectly through sessions designed to address insomnia or sleep disorders, for example. Improving one’s sleep patterns and getting better rest on a regular basis can have an astounding effect on mental health and wellness. Other mental and emotional issues that can be dealt with through this medical practice are:

  • ·     Panic disorders
  • ·     Depression
  • ·     PTSD
  • ·     Grief

These, in addition to numerous other psychological issues, can be treated using this time tested method of therapy.

A Few Final Thoughts

No one should have to suffer from crippling or chronic mental health problems that leave them feeling helpless and alone. We live in a time when we are finally beginning to understand the depths and severity of many emotional issues, as well as how to properly and effectively treat them. The long-term stigmas that have been attached to multiple disorders are finally beginning to be erased and people are embracing a wider range of potential treatment options to live healthy and happy lives.

Consider giving acupuncture a chance as a complimentary treatment to more traditional care. You might be surprised at just how much it helps.

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Manage your Stress with Healthy Sleep Habits and Acupuncture

acupuncture for stress and better sleep

Stress is a problem for a growing number of Americans. We live in a world that expects you to hustle as much as you can, and avoid taking care of yourself.

When it comes to your life stress, there isn't anything you can do to stop stressful things from happening in your life, but you can make strides towards responding to them in a way that makes them less stressful overall.

There are two categories that you can work on to help yourself be more able to deal with the stress in your life: getting a full 8 hours of sleep on a regular basis, and giving acupuncture a shot.

When you don't sleep well - or at all - you will have a stronger negative response to the most minor of stressors, and you'll struggle to be happy about the exciting things.

Not only does acupuncture help with the physical effects of stress - sore muscles and headaches - it can also help you get a better night's sleep by decreasing the reaction to stress. This was tested on rats in 2015, using a pressure point that rats and humans share to see what the stress response was.

Acupuncture may also help your body help itself to sleep for longer lengths of time and spend more time in the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep by helping your body to release melatonin regularly through the night.

When it comes to sleeping well, you should figure out when your mattress was purchased. If it was more than 8 years ago, it's time to start comparing different types of mattresses for purchase. Having a comfortable and supportive mattress is one of the most important things when it comes to getting a good night's sleep.

You should also try and keep your electronics, and your work, out of your bedroom. Electronic screens like the ones on your cell phone and laptop emit blue-spectrum light that tells your brain to wake up and pay attention. Having them within easy reach also makes you more likely to grab them in the middle of the night when you can't sleep - which will make it harder for you to sleep.

If you find that you are having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep on a regular basis, you may want to visit your doctor and make sure that there isn't an underlying sleep disorder or injury that's causing the sleep troubles. You may want to do this before you see a certified acupuncturist, just in case the treatment could aggravate the issue. You can help show the issues you're having by keeping a sleep journal for a few weeks beforehand.

Things to track in your journal:

  • When you went to bed;

  • When you woke up;

  • What caused you to wake up;

  • How you felt when you woke up;

  • If you weren't ready to wake up yet, were you able to get back to sleep?; and

  • Any other relevant information.

There is no denying the importance of a great quality mattress in getting adequate sleep. You can see more information here at

If you are around Knoxville, please visit me at Satori Acupuncture. I would love to explain the benefits of acupuncture for sleep issues.

Does Acupuncture Actually Work?

acupuncture needlesIt is a question that is frequently asked by people undergoing treatment or by those who hear a story of a chronic ailment being significantly improved or cured by Chinese medicine.

In our current world where people are bombarded with conflicting news and an overabundance of information, there are many skeptics about many topics, to include alternative medicine like acupuncture. Of the many alternative therapies out there, acupuncture is a scientifically proven holistic therapy and clinically effective form of medicine.

In a recent clinical trial conducted by Mass. General Hospital’s Biomedical Imaging Investigators, they explored the tough questions many people ask. Why and how does acupuncture work? The researchers used Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) sufferers. Using advanced neurological testing, they were able to test the speed of signals sent along the median nerve, which gave them a defined result on how the treatment was progressing.

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shoulder1aPain Relief Using Acupuncture for Shoulders Injuries

At Satori Acupuncture of Knoxville, we know how important it is for some people to be active. Living in Tennessee, we have access to so many wonderful natural experiences, so adventure beckons us. But like you, we understand that when you over exert yourself, the body might suffer. Shoulder pain is a condition that is common amongst active people, especially in areas like Tennessee where the terrain can be challenging. Whether you’re hiking, mountain biking, jogging or playing a sport, injury may emerge unexpectedly.

The shoulder joint which is primarily a ball and socket joint much like the hip, has a huge range of potential mobility. Yet, it is one of the most easily damaged joint structures in the human body. It endures countless stresses though ones busy day and with the inclusion of heavy work or with strenuous exercise like sport, it can be very susceptible to acute injury. The good news is that acupuncture is a highly effective means for reducing pain and regaining mobility of a troublesome shoulder condition.

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scalesAcupuncture One Proven Solution for Weight Loss

Based on current trends it is estimated 130 million Americans will be considered clinically obese by 2030. So the option of using an alternative medicine approach, such as acupuncture for weight loss, has increased markedly in recent times and for very good reasons.

Obviously, just being overweight is not a simple issue, nor is it an easy fix. Focusing on general health by way of correct nutrition, moderate exercise, and applying stress management techniques, can all assist a patient to reach their weight loss goals. However natural health approaches, like acupuncture and Chinese medicine, may just be the catalyst needed to enhance one’s weight-management plan and make those goals a reality.

So it is very important for the acupuncturist to establish the state of the patient’s overall health before starting an acupuncture treatment plan. Most acupuncturists will examine the patient’s tongue and basic pulse and metabolic levels. This, together with establishing known eating and lifestyle habits, will help the acupuncturist decide where the fine sterile acupuncture needles will be placed on the patient’s body.

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acupuncture for back painAcupuncture For Lower Back Pain in Knoxville

Of all the patients I treat at Satori Acupuncture of Knoxville, lower back pain is the most common complaint I get from people. This is a condition endured by many, not just those who lift heavy weights at the gym or have a strenuous job that requires manual labor. I’ve witnessed this occurrence in just about every age group, demographic and gender, regardless of occupation or activity level.

The philosophy of Satori Acupuncture of Knoxville is that finding out what the root cause of your problem is the primary concern. As the acupuncturist, I’m not only here to listen to how your lower back pain manifests, but I want to also discover what behaviors are exacerbating your pain. I want to help develop a custom-made, individualized plan using my knowledge of acupuncture, nutrition and exercise to help you find relief and regain some of mobility without discomfort.

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acupuncture for stop smokingAcupuncture To Help Quit Smoking Can Be Successful

Smoking nicotine is a very powerful addiction of which 50 million Americans will never be free . However acupuncture as an alternative approach to help people quit smoking is gaining a lot of support as a viable option to help reduce withdrawal symptoms and manage those dreaded cravings.

Most smokers will attempt to quit several times before they are truly successful; this is because the withdrawal symptoms are often quite in-line with the quitting of any other heavy drug addiction. Acupuncture for quitting smoking is not a magic cure. However, it is in conjunction with the advice and treatment of a trained acupuncturist, along with a complete plan that takes in diet, lifestyle habits and exercise. 

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acupuncture for anxietyAcupuncture To Relieve Anxiety & Stress

Acupuncture for anxiety and related mental health issues can help in many ways where standard treatments, mainly with prescribed medications, are ineffective. Understanding the root cause of the patient’s issues can allow an acupuncturist, or a professional trained in traditional Chinese medicine, to correct the imbalances in the body and significantly reduce or even eliminate the anxiety symptoms completely.

It is always interesting to hear how many Americans annually suffer from depression, anxiety, high levels of stress and other conditions related to mental health. The number can be quite staggering (in the tens of millions actually), but it’s only an estimate as many of these illnesses and symptoms go untreated due to lack of awareness. We often want to ignore these issues and hope they will go away, but we all know that rarely happens.

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