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Does Acupuncture Actually Work?

acupuncture needlesIt is a question that is frequently asked by people undergoing treatment or by those who hear a story of a chronic ailment being significantly improved or cured by Chinese medicine.

In our current world where people are bombarded with conflicting news and an overabundance of information, there are many skeptics about many topics, to include alternative medicine like acupuncture. Of the many alternative therapies out there, acupuncture is a scientifically proven holistic therapy and clinically effective form of medicine.

In a recent clinical trial conducted by Mass. General Hospital’s Biomedical Imaging Investigators, they explored the tough questions many people ask. Why and how does acupuncture work? The researchers used Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) sufferers. Using advanced neurological testing, they were able to test the speed of signals sent along the median nerve, which gave them a defined result on how the treatment was progressing.

After a few months of treatment the researchers discovered that acupuncture had improved symptoms in patients and had in some cases patient experienced remapping of their brain on how it receives signals relating to touch and pain.

The study used 80 patients split into three groups. The first group received acupuncture treatment in their hand affected by CTS. A second group had treatment via the opposite ankle (foot acupuncture) and the third group had treatment near the hand that was affected, but treatment was not specifically aimed at treating CTS. So basically the third group was an acupuncture placebo group.

With extensive magnetic imaging testing, the researchers saw physiological improvement in both the first two groups, through changes to the brain which converted to pain relief. The placebo group (third group) received no such improvement to their physical symptoms but still reported improvement in their condition.

Senior researcher Vitaly Napadow explained this phenomena by saying “both peripheral and central neurophysiological changes in CTS may be halted or even reversed by electro-acupuncture interventions that provide more prolonged and regulated input to the brain—something that future, longer-term neuroimaging studies should explore.”

So in essence using placebo groups does not fully allow a detailed and concise explanation of acupuncture treatment, however the categorical improvement across the board in patients undergoing acupuncture for this type of ailment and other ailments is present in the hands of a trained and licensed acupuncture therapist.

Nikki Peoples, L.A.c / Herbalist

Satori Acupuncture of Knoxville.

acupuncture for back painAcupuncture For Lower Back Pain in Knoxville

Of all the patients I treat at Satori Acupuncture of Knoxville, lower back pain is the most common complaint I get from people. This is a condition endured by many, not just those who lift heavy weights at the gym or have a strenuous job that requires manual labor. I’ve witnessed this occurrence in just about every age group, demographic and gender, regardless of occupation or activity level.

The philosophy of Satori Acupuncture of Knoxville is that finding out what the root cause of your problem is the primary concern. As the acupuncturist, I’m not only here to listen to how your lower back pain manifests, but I want to also discover what behaviors are exacerbating your pain. I want to help develop a custom-made, individualized plan using my knowledge of acupuncture, nutrition and exercise to help you find relief and regain some of mobility without discomfort..

Our society has become one where the busy, overachieving, professional is the professional who succeeds. As a result, we rush from point A to point B, getting in and out of cars constantly, sitting at a desk (or in a car) for hours with bad posture, maybe renovating our house on the weekends, working out, negotiating those stairs at work or even sleeping on a bad mattress. Oftentimes, our lower back pain isn’t acute, it isn’t sudden, it has started to develop as a twinge and then progressed to something more sever over time. Lower back pain can creep into your life without you noticing it much at all, but then one day you realize that it has had a significant impact in reducing your chance to enjoy even the simplest things in life. Other times the pain may in fact be sudden and acute. Perhaps you lifted something too heavy, or you stood up from a bent position too quickly? Either way, back pain doesn’t discriminate, and it tends to get everyone at some point in time.

Acupuncture can assist in the release of natural painkillers that relieve lower back pain, promote improved sleep patterns and reduce the need for prescribed pain medications which, over time, may have negative side effects due to prolonged use.

With regularly sessions, acupuncture can help one to achieve a sense of general well being and a better quality of life. A Satori Acupuncture of Knoxville we take each patient’s entire lifestyle and life history into account before we finalize a treatment plan that includes acupuncture.

Acupuncture for lower back pain is not a new fix or a certainty, but acupuncture has shown remarkable results consistently in hundreds of clinical trials to give long term relief where pharmaceutical medications have generally only provided a temporary screen for the real issues.

So if you are in Knoxville, please visit me at Satori Acupuncture. I would truly enjoy explaining the benefits of acupuncture for lower back pain and other areas of body.

Your future acupuncture practitioner in Knoxville, Nikki

shoulder1aPain Relief Using Acupuncture for Shoulders Injuries

At Satori Acupuncture of Knoxville, we know how important it is for some people to be active. Living in Tennessee, we have access to so many wonderful natural experiences, so adventure beckons us. But like you, we understand that when you over exert yourself, the body might suffer. Shoulder pain is a condition that is common amongst active people, especially in areas like Tennessee where the terrain can be challenging. Whether you’re hiking, mountain biking, jogging or playing a sport, injury may emerge unexpectedly.

The shoulder joint which is primarily a ball and socket joint much like the hip, has a huge range of potential mobility. Yet, it is one of the most easily damaged joint structures in the human body. It endures countless stresses though ones busy day and with the inclusion of heavy work or with strenuous exercise like sport, it can be very susceptible to acute injury. The good news is that acupuncture is a highly effective means for reducing pain and regaining mobility of a troublesome shoulder condition.

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acupuncture for stop smokingAcupuncture To Help Quit Smoking Can Be Successful

Smoking nicotine is a very powerful addiction of which 50 million Americans will never be free . However acupuncture as an alternative approach to help people quit smoking is gaining a lot of support as a viable option to help reduce withdrawal symptoms and manage those dreaded cravings.

Most smokers will attempt to quit several times before they are truly successful; this is because the withdrawal symptoms are often quite in-line with the quitting of any other heavy drug addiction. Acupuncture for quitting smoking is not a magic cure. However, it is in conjunction with the advice and treatment of a trained acupuncturist, along with a complete plan that takes in diet, lifestyle habits and exercise. 

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scalesAcupuncture One Proven Solution for Weight Loss

Based on current trends it is estimated 130 million Americans will be considered clinically obese by 2030. So the option of using an alternative medicine approach, such as acupuncture for weight loss, has increased markedly in recent times and for very good reasons.

Obviously, just being overweight is not a simple issue, nor is it an easy fix. Focusing on general health by way of correct nutrition, moderate exercise, and applying stress management techniques, can all assist a patient to reach their weight loss goals. However natural health approaches, like acupuncture and Chinese medicine, may just be the catalyst needed to enhance one’s weight-management plan and make those goals a reality.

So it is very important for the acupuncturist to establish the state of the patient’s overall health before starting an acupuncture treatment plan. Most acupuncturists will examine the patient’s tongue and basic pulse and metabolic levels. This, together with establishing known eating and lifestyle habits, will help the acupuncturist decide where the fine sterile acupuncture needles will be placed on the patient’s body.

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